Selasa, 13 September 2011

Bandung Cycle Chic X HUB! goes Picnic!

Me & the girls finally have a real 'Nyepedah Piknik' last friday! Hurray!

We have the picnic at Babakan Siliwangi (Baksil), the soon-to-be Bandung's city forest.
HUB! invite us to support their campaign, #HayuUlinDiBaksil (usually called HUB)
That is why we decided to have a picnic there, it's how we support them in our own way. Chic cyclist's way!

There were cookies, risoles, soes, bread with PB&Chocolate, and Tortillas with my homemade salsa :).
We only take pictures from Tenny's iPhone, because --unlucky us-- neither of us remember to bring camera. But thanks to Ibun from HUB! who made a very lovely video of us while we were picnic. Thanks Ibun! :D

In the middle of the city forest, under the shade of big trees, with breezy afternoon wind, with real 'picnic meal'. It is exactly the picnic we were dreaming :)

the meal

the girls and the bikes

Actually, this is an experimental picnic to make a bigger picnic later on. We do hope more lovely cyclist will join us next time :D

p.s: visit HUB! blog here: and support their campaign by play aaaaaaanything you like at Baksil, without do any harm to the forest of course.