Kamis, 06 Mei 2010

Bandung Car Free Day - trial

Bandung are going to have Car Free Day every sunday morning. Any kind of vehicle that using gas are not allowed to pass Dago street. Yes people, it means... cyclist heaven! Woot woot!
Last week was a trial before the official launching of Car Free Day. It start from Taman Cikapayang to Simpang Dago street, 6am-10am.

Hey kalian orang bandung, pasti udah hafal sama hecticnya lalu lintas di jalan dago, especially hari minggu. Tapi minggu kemarin, POOF, lalu lintas yang super hectic itu disulap jadi jalanan tanpa mobil! Woohoo!
CFD ini yang bikin Polwitabes. Angkat topi buat polwitabes! Akhirnya ada organisasi pemerintah yang bikin acara tanpa banyak wacana hihihi

Anyway, i've spotted some chic cyclist. But, sadly, there was a lot more chic cyclist dudes than girls. Hey girls, you still think bicycle is just for sport, don't ya? Not because you're cycling you have to wear a lycra-sport-thingy (no offense, still).
Please girls, note this, you can also wear something cute while you're on your bike.



winnie the pooh, cute~

the boys..





Minggu ini, tanggal 9, bakal ada launching Car Free Day. Bandung Cycle Chic biasanya sepedahan dari jam 6, terus abis dari CFD lanjut ke BalKot. So i guess we'll see you there? ;)

Gowes Geulis, Photos.

Sorry for the late update :(. anyway, better late than never rite? here's some photos of Gowes Geulis. Enjoy!

all photos credit belong to Darmastyo/Icak