Senin, 26 April 2010

Gowes Geulis #1

Kemarin itu hari minggu. Dan juga Car Free Day. Dan juga Dago Walking Day. Dan juga... Gowes Geulis! Woot woot!

Yesterday was a blast!
But..... Too bad i can't take any photos :(. Karena hectic, gad jadi ga sempet ngambil foto. Jadi foto dan cerita nya menyusul yaa :D

Anyway, i'll tell you some spoiler. Yesterday was all about, bicycle, games, and picnic!

 Gad bakal masukin foto-fotonya besok. Wait for the next post, fellas! ;)

Gadis & Semilir

Minggu, 18 April 2010

Gowes Geulis. Calling all chic cyclist in the town!

Hey! Get your feet on pedal and get dressed, fellas! Couse we will enchant your sunday morning!

The groupride start @ Taman Cikapayang on 6.30 am
Ended at Balai Kota, then we'll go picnic there.
There will be sandwich, pudding, canopes and we're gonna play some games. Please bring a tumbler, have a gallon of water for refill. You can also bring more cakes or snack :D
Pssst, there are some prizes to win from the games ;)

Bring 5k IDR to get Bandung Cycle Chic tag, the picnic foods, and of course FUN!
we guarantee :D

This is a casual cycling event. So please, DON'T wear sport apparel. A floral skirt would be nice :)

You don't have to register or something, we just need a confirmation before 24th April.
Please confirm to the number below before that date.

contact person: Gadis (085659983764)

Jumat, 09 April 2010

the preparation #1

Hellow everyone!
Bandung Cycle Chic are going to held an event on April 25th. A bunch of chic cyclist will get on the road.
Just preapare your best dress and bike fella!