Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Another Sunday Riding! - Batik



Tifa, Airien, Gadis

It's another sunday riding. See the tops that me and Airien was wearing? Familiar with the motif?

Yes, it's Batik, traditional cloth from my lovely country Indonesia.

Airien wear a batik shirt and I wear a batik vest.
Batik usually wore for traditional ceremony, weddings, and sort of things. But nowadays batik has been wore as a casual clothing such as shirt, tunic, jacket, vest, and even a coat.

And I also want to introduce my 'alter ego' bike, Freja :). It's a fixed gear bike, mostly I use it to do bike trick (yes, sometimes I love to be that kind of woman :p) . I ride Freja everytime my 'hardcore' side showing off, that's also the reason why I choose black color for the bike.
Be a chic cyclist doesn't mean we have to be ladylike all the time, eh? It's about the passion to look good on a bicycle :)

Gadis & Freja