Selasa, 13 September 2011

Bandung Cycle Chic X HUB! goes Picnic!

Me & the girls finally have a real 'Nyepedah Piknik' last friday! Hurray!

We have the picnic at Babakan Siliwangi (Baksil), the soon-to-be Bandung's city forest.
HUB! invite us to support their campaign, #HayuUlinDiBaksil (usually called HUB)
That is why we decided to have a picnic there, it's how we support them in our own way. Chic cyclist's way!

There were cookies, risoles, soes, bread with PB&Chocolate, and Tortillas with my homemade salsa :).
We only take pictures from Tenny's iPhone, because --unlucky us-- neither of us remember to bring camera. But thanks to Ibun from HUB! who made a very lovely video of us while we were picnic. Thanks Ibun! :D

In the middle of the city forest, under the shade of big trees, with breezy afternoon wind, with real 'picnic meal'. It is exactly the picnic we were dreaming :)

the meal

the girls and the bikes

Actually, this is an experimental picnic to make a bigger picnic later on. We do hope more lovely cyclist will join us next time :D

p.s: visit HUB! blog here: and support their campaign by play aaaaaaanything you like at Baksil, without do any harm to the forest of course. 


Sabtu, 25 Juni 2011

Pocari Sweat - Youth Sweat Beautiful

Here is TV commercial of Pocari Sweat. Uh, they are so cute! And so chic!
And I loveee the tagline, Youth Sweat Beautiful!

Nyepedah Piknik 24/6/2011

We haven't been riding together for a pretty long time, and when we do, we decided to 'Nyepedah Piknik' (I don't know what's English for Nyepedah Piknik, but it's mostly about riding our bicycle around the town and have picnic after that).

We have got everything to go picnic. I brought ham & cheese sandwich from Roti Gempol, Tenny brought her home-made Risoles that she just cook that morning, the camera already set, and the weather is perrfeeect (not too sunny with breezy wind)!

Then we pass through Jl. Sultan Agung, and we decided to stop by at JUICED Juice Bar.

We stayed there until it gets dark and we realize it is night already.
And it's too late to have a picnic in the park.
And yes, we decided to eat our picnic meal there, at the bar.









Hope our next Nyepedah Piknik goes according to plan, a real picnic at the park!

Rabu, 23 Februari 2011


found and made this,


been thinking to turn this into a t-shirt ever since. What do you guys think? :D

cups cups,

Selasa, 25 Januari 2011

Another Sunday Riding! - Batik



Tifa, Airien, Gadis

It's another sunday riding. See the tops that me and Airien was wearing? Familiar with the motif?

Yes, it's Batik, traditional cloth from my lovely country Indonesia.

Airien wear a batik shirt and I wear a batik vest.
Batik usually wore for traditional ceremony, weddings, and sort of things. But nowadays batik has been wore as a casual clothing such as shirt, tunic, jacket, vest, and even a coat.

And I also want to introduce my 'alter ego' bike, Freja :). It's a fixed gear bike, mostly I use it to do bike trick (yes, sometimes I love to be that kind of woman :p) . I ride Freja everytime my 'hardcore' side showing off, that's also the reason why I choose black color for the bike.
Be a chic cyclist doesn't mean we have to be ladylike all the time, eh? It's about the passion to look good on a bicycle :)

Gadis & Freja