Minggu, 10 Mei 2015

How To: Cycling & Keep Chic in a Sunny Day

As you know, Bandung's weather nowadays is superbly unpredictable. Extreme sunlight with little gale in the morning 'till the noon, hard rain in the afternoon, both weather are the last thing a cyclist hope for.
But don't let these weather hold you to go out with your bicycle! Here are some trick to dealing with the weather:

Good Playlist. Yes, as I said in my previous post, listening music would be very helpful. Make a special playlist for cycling in a hot, sunny day. But remember, choose your song wisely to add to your playlist. Because in a hot, sunny day, your temper is as hot as the sun above. So choose the one that makes you chill down and not makes you hate the weather, but enjoy the hot, sunny day instead :)
For example, here are some of my song choices in my "Nyepedah Panas" playlist:
      # I Feel Free - Cream
      # Close To Me - The Cure
      # Sunny Afternoon - The Kinks
      # Amsterdam - Peter, Bjorn and John
      # In The Sun - She & Him
Or you can go to my 8tracks and listen to this to feeling like a nonchalant on a hot day:

Sunglasses, Hat, or Helmet, or anything to cover your head from the sunlight. Because the direct sunlight pointed at your head is the reason that makes you feel angry and high tempted. And also makes you a little dizzy. If you have nothing to cover your head and you have a long cycling route, you may fainted. And why sunglasses? To deceive your eyes that the sunlight is not too bright and to makes you feel cooler :p

Step aside from the road. Take a break. If you feel exhausted and senggol-bacok (yes, the hot weather can cause you to be like that, believe me.) already, you MUST step aside from the road, find a shady spot, and sit down. You have to sit in that shady spot under the tree or under a building shade or stop by to the nearest cafe or whatever for at least 2 song. If you already chilled down, please continue your ride :)

Sunblock. Do I have to explain why we need sunblock so much?

The last, but the most important, Sabar. Cycling in a hot, sunny day may be your biggest challenge. It can makes you angry, extremly exhausted, senggol-bacok (the feeling that you want to crash and punch every car with good air-conditioner or anything that get you in the way) and everything that makes you feel like giving up the bike. So, the key to survive all of that is patient. Sabar.

Happy cycling!

photo courtesy of: www.thesartorialist.com

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